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Guidelines regarding OCI Card holders for travel to India:

January 28, 2015

Foreign nationals of Indian origin are issued lifelong “U” visa stickers in their passports along with OCI Cards (OCI booklet). It has been observed that to lack of awareness among the airline officials/employees, many such foreign nationals face problems during their check-in at foreign airports for India bound flights. In order to avoid inconvenience to such foreign nationals of Indian origin the following guidelines may please be brought to the notice of your counterparts at foreign airports.

  1. Foreigners holding OCI cards are required to carry their foreign passport bearing 'U' visa sticker for travel to India. However, due to expiry or re-issue of their foreign passports, these foreigners are issued new passports, as such they are allowed to travel to India with their new passport along with old passports/cancelled passports having 'U' visa sticker.
  2. If the OCI card holder acquires nationality of a different country after obtaining OCI card, except that of Pakistan and Bangladesh, he/she is also allowed to enter into India provided he/she is carrying his/her old passport having lifelong India 'U' visa sticker pasted on it along with the new passport of the recently acquired nationality.
  3. If OCI card holder is carrying only OCI card without carrying old/cancelled foreign passport bearing 'U' visa sticker, may be granted Temporary Landing Permit in India for a period of 30 days extendable up to 180 days by FRRO/FRO concerned without levying any charge after verification from the OCI database. Also, if they are not carrying OCI card, but carrying foreign passport bearing 'U' visa sticker, the entry is allowed.
  4. If the crew members of the scheduled flights who hold valid Indian visas including OCI/PIO cards may be cleared on the visas and filling up of Crew Landing Permits should not be insisted upon in such cases, however, names of all the crew members will remain on the GD. The Crew Landing Permit (CLP) needs to be granted only in cases where the crew of such scheduled flights does not have valid Indian visas.
  5. It is clarified that the airlines bringing such foreign nationals with their valid passports and OCI cards, but not having old/cancelled passport with “U” visa sticker would not be liable for prosecution under the Immigration (Carriers’ Liability) Act, 2000.

NOTE:- Any change incorporated in above guidelines is updated/modified in the website of from time to time. 

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