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Regarding Handwritten Non-Machine Readable Passport

December 04, 2015

As you are aware, the ICAO has mandated phasing out of all non-Machine Readable passports(MRP) with effect from 24th November, 2015.  Since then, we have received requests from neighboring countries for relaxation of this mandate in respect of their citizens in India.  Accordingly, the Bureau of Immigration is requested to facilitate all foreigners who are already in India, holding  handwritten, non-MRP passports with valid Indian visas,  to allow them hassle free  exit  whenever they depart from India, subject to other immigration requirements. 

The Bureau of Immigration in India has noted that ICAO allows continued issue of handwritten,  non-MRP passports in emergency cases.   Accordingly,  foreigners who, having lost their MRP passports, leaving India with handwritten non-MRP passports issued by their Embassies/Consulates, may be facilitated exit from India, as usual.

All applicants with handwritten passports are herewith advised to change their passport immediately from Non-machine readable to Machine readable passport to prevent problems at the airport.


Phasing out of non - machine readable passport

Phasing out of non - machine readable passport

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