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Annexure A

List of documents required from foreign adoptive parents and Social or Child Welfare Agency enlisted by Government of India for consideration of an inter-country application of Indian Child

(a) Home Study Report of the foreign adoptive parents prepared by a professional worker as per Annexure "A".

(b) Recent photographs of the adoptive family.

(c) Marriage certificate of foreign adoptive parents.

(d) Declaration concerning health of adoptive parents.

(e) Certificate of medical fitness of adoptive parents duly certified by a medical doctor.

(f) Declaration regarding financial status of foreign adoptive parents alongwith supporting documents including employers certificate, where applicable.

(g) Employment certificate, if applicable of foreign adoptive parents.

(h) Income Tax Assessment order of foreign adoptive parents.

(i) Bank references.

(j) Particulars of the properties owned by the foreign adoptive parents.

(k) Declaration from foreign adoptive parents stating willingness to be appointed guardian of the child.

(l) Undertaking from the social or child welfare enlisted agency sponsoring the foreigner to the effect that child would be legally adopted by the foreign adoptive parents according to the law of the country within a period not exceeding two years from the time of arrival of the child and as soon as the adoption is effected. Social or child welfare enlisted agency will send three certified copies of adoption order each to the social or child welfare agency in India through which the application for guardianship is processed for filing in the Court and one copy to Central Adoption Resources Agency, Ministry of Welfare.

(m) Undertaking from the foreign adoptive parents that adopted child would be provided necessary education and up bringing according to the status of adoptive parents.

(n) Undertaking from the social and child welfare enlisted agency that report relating to progress of the child alongwith his/her recent photograph would be sent quarterly during first two years and half yearly for the next three years in the prescribed proforma through Indian's Diplomatic Missions abroad.

(o) Power of Attorney from foreign adoptive parents in favor of offices of the social or child welfare agency in India which will be required to process the case and such Power of Attorney should authorize the Attorney to handle the cases on behalf of the foreigner in case the foreigner is not in a position to come to India.

(p) Certificate from the enlisted social or child welfare agency sponsoring application of the foreigner to the effect that adoptive parents are permitted to adopt a child according to the law of their country.

(q) Undertaking from the social or child welfare enlisted agency to the effect that in case of disruption of the family of the foreigner before legal adoption has been affected, it will take care of the child and find a suitable alternative placement for the child with the approval of Central Adoption Resource Agency. After seeking the necessary approval from CARA it will report alternative placement to the concerned court handling guardianship proceeding in the foreign country. And such information shall be passed on by the court to the Central Adoption Resource Agency.

(r) Undertaking from the social or child welfare enlisted agency that it will reimburse all expenses to the concerned Indian Social or Child Welfare agency as fixed by competent court towards maintenance of the child and processing charge fees.


Important Instructions

(1) The Home Study Report should broadly include information in regard to the various matters set out in Annexure "A" though it need not strictly adhere to the requirements of the Annexure and it should also contain an assessment by the social or child welfare agency as to whether the foreigner wishing to take a child in adoption is fit and suitable and has the capacity to parent a child coming from a different racial and cultural milieu. and whether the child will be able to fit into the environment of the adoptive family and the community in which it lives.

(2) All the above Certificates and declaration documents must accompany the application of the foreigner for taking a child in adoption should be duly notarized by a Notary Public whose signature should be duly attested either by an officer of the Ministry of External Affairs on Justice or Social Welfare of the country of the foreigner or by an officer of the Indian Embassy or High Commissions or Consulate in that country.

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